They are working in a total of 40 parks that will have this system.

Intermepro, a company specializing in sustainability and energy efficiency solutions, through its strategic partners Schneider Electric and Paneles Solares GCL, accompanies National Parks in the installation of solar systems in different parks in order to promote the conversion of energy services to systems generation of renewable systems.

The initiative is part of the need to optimize energy consumption in National Parks, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate factors susceptible to contamination. In this way, it aims to progressively implement these alternative energy systems both in the improvement of the existing energy infrastructure and through its incorporation in future works.

National Parks acquired more than forty complete photovoltaic generation systems for energy supply based on solar sources in thirteen protected areas identified as priority due to their critical situation in this regard.

As a result of these actions, the Los Alerces and Lago Puelo National Parks, in Chubut, and Perito Moreno, in Santa Cruz, are currently supplied, almost entirely, with these systems; while the Ciervo de los Pantanos National Park, in Buenos Aires, has this service in strategic areas with greater public access in order to meet the objective of disseminating and raising awareness of the use of clean energy.

During the course of this year, it is expected to conclude the works in the Monte León National Parks, in the province of Santa Cruz; Nahuel Huapi, in Río Negro and Neuquén; Sierra de las Quijadas, in San Luis; Quebrada del Condorito, in Córdoba; Baritú and Los Cardones, in Salta; Iberá, in Corrientes; Tierra del Fuego and the Formosa Nature Reserve, in the homonymous provinces.

In turn, along with the new system infrastructure works, a photovoltaic system was installed and started up in El Impenetrable National Park, in Chaco, to supply energy to two housing modules in the protected area and another in the Calilegua National Park, Jujuy, destined for the Mesada de las Colmenas Sectional.

Intermepro is a company specializing in sustainability and energy efficiency solutions with a presence throughout the country and in Latin America.
The Company develops photovoltaic solar energy solutions that generate multiple benefits both economically and in environmental care.

The company develops this type of projects for businesses, industries and homes, providing power generation solutions with multiple possibilities, both for self-generation and for delivery of electricity to distribution networks.

Intermepro has the exclusive representation for Latin America of highly prestigious brands such as Schneider Electric Solar, GCL, TIGO Energy and BETA Batteries.