Intermepro in Misiones

Intermepro in Misiones, Argentina

The electronic company LG visits the city of Posadas in search of new markets for its products.


The Executive Director, Carlos García and the director, Gonzalo Luoni, of Intermepro, a company linked to LG Live’s Good, explained to Losada how their product lines are related to wind power generation, heating, lighting with LED technologies, among other technologies. They also showcased the potential and highlighted the long lifespan and positive impact on the environment of this type of technology, applied to homes, rural schools, irrigation systems, urban lighting and traffic lights.

Losada strongly bets on the establishment of companies on its Industrial Park and invited LG to install a plant in Posadas. “One of the central points on which we focus for the Posadas we want is the generation of genuine work, based on the talent of Posada residents and the productive potential of our city. This will not only cause the entry of new technologies, it will mean new jobs and constant training for hundreds of Posada residents,” said the candidate.