Installation of the PV System in the Estudiantes de La Plata Stadium

• System: Hybrid
• Location: La Plata, Buenos Aires
• Panels: 30 GCL brand panels, model M6/72H, 370Wp each.
• Kw in panels: 11.1Kw
• Inverters: 1 inverter brand SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC model Conext XW+ 7048E
• Regulators: 1 regulator brand SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC model Conext 80/600
• Batteries: 16 GREEN RHINO 12V 200Ah batteries

Installation for Distributed Generation and auto generation with Storage in the new Estadio de Estudiantes de La Plata. XW Schneider Electric equipment (hybrid solar inverter), GCL Solar Energy, Inc. panels, latest generation battery from Cristal Betta Batteries Pty Ltd (Australia).