Photovoltaic Projects

At INTERMEPRO we work with leading market brands such as Schneider Electric, GCL Systems, Fortress Power, among others.
We offer our customers reliable and economic photovoltaic solar energy solutions that provide independence and energy sustainability across all sectors.


In compliance with United Nations Industrial Development
Organization (UNIDO) dispositions and the Secretary of Environment and
Sustainable Development we provide consulting and disposal services for Technological Assets.

Sustainability Projects

We offer consulting and services to help you optimize your energy consumption, working efficiently and maximizing profitability by developing business strategies to reach maximum efficiency in the workplace.

Air conditioning projects

As a part of our wide array of energy efficiency solutions, the clamping structure of the panels is specially designed to provide an estimated 20% improvement to the thermal insulation of any structure, be it a building or a family home.
Intermepro specializes in high efficiency and industrial HVAC solutions and is a distributor of LG industrial and commercial air conditioning.