Intermepro unveils today the most important solar park in Entre Ríos

The park is an undertaking of Intermepro with a cost of over 2.5 million pesos and the sponsorship of the Municipality of Gualeguaychú. Company officials with take part of the celebrations on the eve of its completion. What features does this park have?

Mayor of Gualeguaychú Martín Piaggio and Intermepro executives will activate the 50.2 kWp solar photovoltaic park today, located in the Obras Sanitarias drinking water production facility in the intersection of 2 de Abril and Puerto Argentino streets.

“This project is an enterprise of the Municipality of Gualeguaychú, which carried out a call for tenders, with Intermepro as the company responsible for the construction work, as it submitted the best technical and commercial offer”, highlights Adrián Kolonski, president of the winning company.

The undertaking demanded an investment of 2,680,000 pesos (around 58,000 US dollars) and a construction time of 70 days, including civil works, assembly and operational start-up, according to Intermepro officials. 330Wp GCL solar panels and a Schneider Electric Conext CL 60 inverter were used in the construction. The maximum output is 66kva.

The photovoltaic array consists of 152 modules configured in 8 parallel strings, each with 19 modules in series. The surface of the receiver plane is estimated at 295 m^2.

“This initiave will create multiple benefits for the entire Gualeguaychú community. The availability of photovoltaic solar energy will bolster care for the environment in the locality”, Kolonski highlighted.


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About Intermepro

Intermepro, a company specialized in sustainability and energy efficiency solution throughout the country and Latin America.

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Intermepro is the exclusive representative for Latin America for highly prestigious brands such as Scheneider Electric Solar, GCL, TIGO Energy and BETA Batteries.